Insurance Coverage

Spartan Soccer covers its Members with Commercial General Liability and Sport Accident. Excess travel is an option as needed.

The Spartan Soccer insurance policies apply specifically to registered players, coaches, referees, Spartan Soccer directors and staff, volunteers listed in member’s records, and parent volunteers while supervising registered players at sanctioned games, practices, or events. Both indoor and outdoor seasons are covered. Please note, district and community directors are not covered.

Insurance Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the injury occurring. Even if you do not require immediate attention/care, you should still open a claim to ensure you receive coverage for this incident in the future.

Making a Claim

Sutton Special Risk

Policy Number: 056/027812A 

Phone: 1-800-461-3292

Phone: 1-800-464-8968 (Toll Free)


Fax: 1-855-366-4608

For coverage details, refer to the appropriate tabs below:
Commercial General Liability

The coverage will pay on behalf of named insured (Spartan Soccer), and the additional insureds, where applicable, all sums of money which the insureds shall become legally obligated to pay as compensatory damages for actual bodily injuries to participants, spectators, and other members of the public. This also includes property damage the insurer(s) shall become legally obligated to pay.  The policy does not cover defence of criminal code charges.

If you, as an Spartan Soccer Member, are served with a Court-originated statement of claim, you must contact the Spartan Soccer Office immediately. Please fill out the form using the Sutton Risk app. The Insurers will then begin the process of defending you.

Activities Covered Under the Spartan Soccer CGL Policy

This consists of practices, games, tournaments, related training activities and related approved travel. These ALL must be Spartan Soccer-sanctioned.

When am I covered?

Group Accident Benefit Summary

Limits of Liability
Please note that all Policy information is provided by Spartan Soccer on a summary basis to give information on what coverages may be available under the Sports Accident and Travel Accident Policies.  There may be clauses that limit coverage under the policy and the policy must be reviewed in its entirety when determining coverage.  For a full version of the policy please contact General Commercial Liability.

Sport Accident Insurance