Spartan Mens Open League

 Spartan Mens Open League

Starting date: April 7, 2020

Men's division soccer as it should be done - on turf with no boards. With the Canadian climate as it is we believe that there should be a league with a standard format and climate year round. In the summer games can get rained out (as we saw in abundance in the summer of 2019) leaving a lot of players dissatisfied with the amount of games they were able to play. In the winter, playing on concrete fields with boards just isn't soccer. It's hard on the knees and is closer to hockey than this beautiful sport. That's why at Spartan Soccer we decided to start a Mens Open League that is true to soccer and is capable of running year round with the same 8v8 format every season. Viva soccer!!

Games will be played at the Edmonton Soccerdome with kickoffs at 7, 8, and 9pm.

The format will be 8v8 with 2 25 minute halves.

14 games per season.

The minimum roster size is 16 and the maximum is 25.


A full kit is required. This includes shinpads, soccer socks, shorts, jersey, and we recommend turf shoes as the most appropriate footwear.

FEE: $2200 per team

Cost to secure a spot for your team is $400.

On January 17th the deposit becomes non-refundable.

The team fee needs to be paid in full by January 24th.

What you get

  • 14 games
  • Round robin playoffs
  • Player insurance
  • 2 certified referees for each game
  • Full version of TeamSnap for the team and manager to use
  • Allowed to sub for any other Spartan League

Sign up fast! only 8 slots available!

If you know what team you are joining and your team rep has paid the fee contact them for payment and a registration link

Use this link to SECURE A SPOT for your team

Use this link if you are a TEAM REP looking to pay for the team's season fees

Use this link if you are a player looking for a team or your team rep is not covering the team fees