Spartan Soccer strives to have the longest season possible with no byes for any team. For example, our winter indoor season is almost 8 months long, offering nearly 30 uninterrupted matches (except for statutory holidays). Your team will play on the same day, at consistent locations, each week, within a set regular time range. Comparatively, other leagues only provide 1/2 as many matches and have frequent byes during the winter season.


Spartan Soccer has arranged exclusive corporate sponsorships providing our teams with cash towards jerseys, discounts at soccer retail outlets, and perks at pubs and restaurants. We are expanding these exclusive perks to cover a range of services, giving our players more savings and privileges when they are not on the pitch.

We use the TeamSnap mobile app as our player ID system. When you are off the pitch visiting one of our corporate affiliates, just show your TeamSnap ID on your phone and gain the perks.

Sub Pool

Spartan Soccer maintains an active pool of substitute players. Can’t play regularly enough to commit to a team? Join the sub pool. Then you only pay when you play.

Teams, are you short players for a match? No need to scramble for players on your own, simply contact Spartan and tell us how many players you need. We’ll access the Sub Pool and provide you with who you need.


Spartan Soccer was created with a desire to push the sport further by offering new options for dedicated and enthusiastic players. This is a league created by players, for players. We’re constantly listening to what our members have to say and searching for new ways to make soccer different, safer, and more fun.

In early September 2017 we debuted with the COED Spartan Championship. This tournament features 3 back to back games (50 minutes each), with a 10 minute break between matches, in an 8v8 format. Our first tournament was successful and enjoyed by all, and we look forward to hosting this event every year

Our COED winter indoor league debuted in late September 2017 with the goal of never having byes, of having a longer season with consistent times and locations, and playing on premium artificial turf - without boards. Our belief: artificial turf + no boards = real indoor soccer.

The League Today

Spartan Soccer is a competitive COED league. It is the only competitive COED offering in Edmonton. We're developing a Recreational League, and in January 2020 will debut a Soccer Association to provide all forms of soccer offerings in Alberta. A competitive league means higher player skill sets, making the game cleaner and safer. Because safety is our first priority, we are proactive in filtering out unsafe players and our referees are strict in the enforcement of rules.


In 2018/19 we created 2 different divisions for different levels of competition and skill. Our focus on developing a competitive and safe environment for COED can be seen in the fact that we have majors, premiers, and Div 1-4 level players seeded in teams enjoying our league, sharing their skills, and raising the standard in a challenging format.


COED outdoor leagues are available in the summer, with times and locations available via the registration link. The format will be 11v11 played on the artificial turf fields in Edmonton which are all FIFA sized pitches. The locations offer amenities and features: On-site staff, dressing rooms and washrooms for your convenience. We play music during games, parking next to field, lights for evening games, scoreboard and timer, and bleachers for your "groupies" to watch from whilst enjoying the skills and fitness of your team.

Am I a good fit for Spartan Soccer?

Spartan Soccer is a good choice for anyone who is fit, athletic and loves soccer. Whether you’re new to the sport or an old pro, you’ll find a home here.

If you are currently on a competitive team in any other league, then you will easily become a solid fit on any of our current teams. Manage a team in one of those leagues? Bring out the whole team and find a whole new level of fun and competition with Spartan Soccer.

If you’re interested in playing but aren’t yet physically conditioned for competitive-level play, then we suggest our Spartan Soccer Boot camps.

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