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Bootcamps - Returning July 4, 2020

The famous training bootcamp by Spartan is focused on small classes featuring individualized custom training for any skill set (novice to expert) and field positions (including the coveted Keeper Training) on weekends either 4 Saturdays from 4PM - 6PM or 4 Sunday evenings from 7PM - 9PM. Guaranteed to improve your abilities or full refund. Space is limited in these classes with certified soccer coaches and other specialists. The $50 fee is to secure your spot. The total course fee is $400 and we offer payments plans.

All Bootcamp Graduates will receive metal dog tags similar to the one's in the photo.

Full-time Spartan players taking the Bootcamp will get 20% off season fees.

Spartan Boot Camp - Soccer Strategies

We cram you into 2 hours sessions for expert soccer training that will get your skills up fast.

All training is done by certified soccer coaches with extensive backgrounds providing you with personal technical and strategic instruction in a 1-on-1 setting.

A certified Goal Keeper trainer is also part of this course for players who wish to only focus on keeper training. So participants have a choice of 2 hours with a soccer trainer or 2 hours with a keepers trainer for course focus. (Must register in advance.)

A physio-soccer specialist will be on site to target any physiological and mechanical issues you may have with specific and knowledgable advice just for you.

You will be remade! You will be more!

Cost: $400/person

We offer payment plans. Contact us for details.

Boot Camp Features

  • 4 sessions
    • 2 hour sessions
    • Entire session with a certified soccer coach for 1-on-1 technical and strategic instruction
    • Goal Keeper coach available for keepers-in-training. Please email prior to registration to inquire about space availability in the next session.
    • A professional physiotherapist will be observing and consulting
  • High quality instruction and customized advice based upon your individual needs
  • Open to ages 14+

Required Equipment 

  • Athletic shorts (but track pants are fine too)
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes. Use the shoes best suited for the surface of the training. Indoor running shoes are fine for flat surfaces, but indoor turf cleats are the best on turf when participants will be training on artificial grass.
  • Participants may use outdoor soccer cleats (if they are clean) on turf. However, please note that these shoes grip deeply because turf does not have as much give as natural grass. This can place unnecessary stress on knees and ankles and increase the likelihood of injury.
  • For keepers: gloves
  • Shin guards and soccer socks (optional)
  • Smart phone with the TeamSnap app installed (free).
  • Videos of your session may be posted


Completion of the course entitles participants to a 20% discount with Spartan Soccer in the current year.

If you are already a Spartan member, your discount will be applied as a rebate on the current season.


From the 7th c - 479 BC, “agoge” was the mandatory rigorous training program for Spartan men and women to mold them into skilled fearless warriors for the Spartan army.  Fast forward to June 2018, Spartan Soccer Bootcamp 101 challenged me to channel my inner Spartan alongside my teammates to push ourselves to be faster, stronger field players or goalkeepers for our Spartan Soccer league.  

Certified soccer coach Alan transformed fights in the palaestra into individualized instruction in basic technical skills including ball handling, dribbling, and jockeying; and military battle tactics into game strategies for each field position.  Certified fitness trainers Meaghan and Becky customized a full body program for each of us, substituting disc and javelin throwing with front foot elevated split squats and scapula push-ups.

Only a quote from the comedy “Lysistrata” truly describes how I feel after completing the bootcamp - Aristophanes exhibited a Spartan woman so physically strong that Lysistrata exclaimed “what a strong and iron body, what a beauty! You could strangle a bull!” 


Just wanted to thank you again for the superb bootcamp! IT WORKS! During my Friday game, I had more good touches on the ball and stronger passing than any previous game. I played offense in the first half and defense in the second where I applied the strategies you taught and even picked up balls from guy opponents through jockeying! I guess the improvements showed because I had positive comments after the game from my surprised captain and guys on my team ("wow, where did you learn all that ball handling?") and even the ref. 😀
The improvements transferred to my volleyball too! I used your "watch your foot meet the ball" tip and returned a few hard spikes back over the net with my feet!
Many thanks! Super grateful to you!

I had a lot of fun with Spartan boot camp. Great for those who are trying to get into soccer and meet like-minded individuals!


I really enjoyed the bootcamp and got a lot out of it.  The exercises that you do are all geared towards improving core strength which is essential to soccer.  The staff were friendly and quite knowledgeable.  The skills portion of the camp was an eye-opener for me as I learned a lot of little skills that help me overall with my game.

At the end of the course I did find the personalized training session that is given to you could have been explained better, but the staff were friendly and quick to respond to my questions.

If you would like to improve your skills, I would recommend taking this as you will get your monies worth.


As a newer soccer player searching for additional training I was excited when I came across the spartan boot camp advertisement. From my first interaction with the founder I was met with such enthusiasm and encouragement I immediately signed up.

Small class sizes allowed for more one on one time with the trainer. As the classes proceeded I learned many of the participants were part of the Spartan coed league and before the training ended I was invited to join the league.


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